Thermography Technical Training

Technical TrainingLearn how to use your thermography camera.

When you buy the Meditherm IRIS 7.5 medical thermography camera from TIPPS, the cost of ACCT certified Training is included  in the camera price. The training facility is located in Ft. Myers, FL.

TIPPS is a certified trainer for the American College of Clinical Thermology’s Clinical Thermographer Level I (CCT-I) course. You must take this course to learn how to use the thermography system.

This certification program is designed to provide focused competency training. Click to download details (pdf). The in-house training takes 2 days (16 hours) and is usually held over a weekend. You will leave the training with a DVD that covers all that you have learned in class. You are expected to review this DVD and start practicing on models as soon as you return to your home/office.

The second portion of your training involves the grading of 25 reports that you submit to the thermologists. You will be graded on a variety of areas such as: framing, focus, clinic protocols, history relevance, etc. The thermologists will also provide advice to help you improve your techniques. Know that TIPPS is still providing you with support by phone and internet while you accomplish this portion of your training. We are committed to seeing you succeed.

Thermographer Training

TIPPS is the ONLY company that teaches the Get Started TIPPS business training. By combining the business training with the technical training, you are well-prepared to be OPEN for business effectively and efficiently. For a detailed price list click here.