Thermography Cameras

Thermography Camera

We sell the Meditherm Med2000 IRIS 7.5 system because it is not a “repackaged” industrial camera. All Meditherm cameras are wholly built from the ground up in a factory that is FDA approved to manufacture a medical device. The Meditherm products are classified as Class I Medical Devices (Medical Device Directive rule 12).

Meditherm IRIS 7.5 camera features:

  • a higher degree of sensitivity and specificity than other (non-FDA approved) systems
  • the only thermography system specifically designed and calibrated for optimal operation in the narrow temperature range of metabolic heat
  • made in the USA by Meditherm, with an established infrastructure for marketing, manufacture, training, and post-sales support
  • auto correction with unique agile and efficient thermoelectric cooling
  • other cameras can suffer from thermal drift but the Meditherm IRIS 7.5 camera has proprietary technology to prevent this
  • the image-capture software, WINTes II, is easy to learn and based in WINDOWS operation
  • very accurate readings: each pixel is an individually referenced measurement. It can be compared to any other pixel within an image, as well as against another image. You can compare images over time with high accuracy
  • saves images “real-time” to an electronic file without intermediate steps, instantly and automatically
  • statistical data and image manipulation are available immediately
  • this software is user friendly and is required by EMI interpretation service, the largest network of interpreting medical doctors
  • package comes complete with high-end, current model Toshiba laptop with current WINDOWS operating system, Monfrotto stand, and carrying case
Meditherm IRIS 7.5 Thermography Camera with Toshiba Laptop

This system allows you to have less critical protocols in your clinic, but reliability and accuracy are not sacrificed. The procedure is quick, with the full body scans taking less than 30 minutes. The system is portable and used widely for mobile business.

Maintenance-free with no consumables, the Meditherm IRIS 7.5 is simple and durable. This camera helps generate profits with relatively limited time and investment.

TIPPS is the only company that offers the Meditherm IRIS 7.5 camera with the technical training and complete clinical thermography business training. This is a true turn-key system, and you can save money when you buy the bundle together. Learn more about this bundle.

We would love the opportunity help you navigate the purchase of this system.