TIPPS Medical Thermography Business Works! Our Customers Speak

Do the TIPPS training and/or manual work for medical thermographers who need business training? This is what our customers say:

Connie medical thermographer


Connie: Thank you for coming to work with us. We are very confident and ready for business with TIPPS medical thermography business training. We are definitely using the manual frequently and grateful we have that tool.

Clinical thermographer Dori


Dori: Just starting in the thermography arena, we found TIPPS through Meditherm. Since we are in Alaska we chose to fly Pam to us for our training. Pam provided complete thermography training and a “soup to nuts” manual  to guide us through every aspect of the medical thermography business. She made it fun and easy to learn every step from practical to legal. I highly recommend TIPPS to anyone buying or using the Meditherm thermography camera.

Clinical thermographer Shelley


Shelley: TIPPS, along with Pam’s individualized caring attention and support, is helping me build my successful medical thermography business.

Abby medical thermographer


Abby: I’m grateful for Pam Ryerse’s medical thermography business training and her TIPPS manual. It was so well written and simple to understand with tons of valuable information. I can’t tell you how much time and effort the TIPPS training and manual have saved me! Worth every penny!



Karen: TIPPS is the most effective hands on training offered for beginning a thermography practice. The manual is a compilation of the best business practices based on years of experience working in the field of thermography. Our success can be attributed to the personalized training, extensive manual and follow-up consultation given to me.

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